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Christian Eriksen leaves Inter Milan "by mutual consent"******

ROME, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- Inter Milan has terminated Christian Eriksen's contract by mutual consent, the reigning Serie A champion announced on Friday.。

The Dane completed his move from Premier League side Tottenham to Inter in January 2020. In his two-year spell at San Siro, Eriksen made 60 appearances, helping the Nerazzurri clinch their first Serie A title for 11 years.。

However, during the Euro 2020 group game between Denmark and Finland, the 29-year-old suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.。

After being taken to hospital, Eriksen recovered after life-saving aid and had a defibrillator fitted a few days later.。

According to Serie A regulations, a player is not allowed to play in that league if fitted with a defibrillator.。

"FC Internazionale Milano can confirm that an agreement has been reached to terminate Christian Eriksen's contract by mutual consent. The club and the entire Nerazzurri family wish Christian all the very best for his future," Inter wrote on their website.。

"Although Inter and Christian are now parting ways, the bond shall never be broken. The good times, the goals, the victories, those Scudetto celebrations with fans outside San Siro, all these will remain forever in Nerazzurri history," it added. Enditem。



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New York patient becomes the first woman to possibly be cured of HIV

A third person has been cured of HIV through an umbilical cord stem cell transplant, a new method of treatment.


The patient, a mixed-race woman, is now in remission after being diagnosed with the virus in 2013. The previous patients — two men named Timothy Ray Brown and Adam Castillejo — were curved of HIV through bone marrow or adult stem cell transplant.

这名患者是一名混血女性,2013 年被诊断出感染艾滋病毒。此前的两例成功被治愈的艾滋病患者——名叫蒂莫西·雷·布朗(Timothy Ray Brown)和亚当·卡斯蒂列霍(Adam Castillejo)的男性——通过骨髓或成体干细胞移植治愈了艾滋病。

The "New York patient," as she's being called, had been diagnosed with leukemia as well as HIV, and was given cord blood to help treat her cancer. The cord blood came from a partially matched donor, and the woman also was given blood from a relative so her body would have "temporary immune defenses" during the transplant process.


While both men, who were the first two patients to be cured of HIV, received bone marrow transplants to treat the virus, the woman's case marks a new method in the fight against HIV.


Brown and Castillejo both received bone marrow transplants from donors whose marrow contained an HIV-blocking mutation. Such mutation is rare and often found in donors of Northern European descent.


Although the bone marrow transplant proved successful in both cases, it did not come without consequences for the men; Brown almost died after the procedure and Castillejo lost a significant amount of weight, developed hearing loss and suffered infections.


The woman who was cured through stem cells left the hospital 17 days later and did not develop graft versus host disease, a condition both Brown and Castillejo suffered from following their bone marrow transplants.

这名通过干细胞移植治愈的女性在 17 天后出院,并没有患上布朗和卡斯蒂列霍在骨髓移植后都出现的移植物抗宿主病。

The woman received her transplant in 2017, and stopped taking HIV medicine three years later. Fourteen months after stopping antiretroviral therapy, she had "no detectable virus".

这名女性于 2017 年接受了移植手术,三年后停止服用 HIV 药物。在停止抗逆转录病毒(ART)治疗 14 个月后,她“没有检测到病毒”。

The woman had been participating in a study that monitored 25 HIV positive patients in the U.S. who underwent a transplant.

该患者一直在参与一项研究,研究目的是监测美国 25 名接受移植的 HIV 阳性患者的疾病发展情况。

UCLA infectious disease physician Dr. Yvonne Bryson, who led the study that the woman took part in, addressed her case at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections this week.

美国加州大学洛杉矶分校 (UCLA)传染病医师 伊冯娜·布莱森(Yvonne Bryson) 博士领导了该名女性患者的这项治疗研究,她在本周的逆转录病毒和机会性感染会议上讨论了这一病例。

"Today, we reported the third known case of HIV remission and the first woman following a stem cell transplant and using HIV-resistant cells," Bryson said in a press conference.

“今天,我们报告了第三例已知的 HIV 感染者治愈的病例,也是第一位接受干细胞移植并使用抗 HIV 细胞的女性,”布莱森在新闻发布会上说。

"This case is special for several reasons: First, our participant was a U.S. woman living with HIV of mixed race, who needed a stem cell transplant for treatment of her leukemia," she continued. "And she would find a more difficult time finding both a genetic match and one with the HIV-resistant mutation to both cure her cancer and potentially her HIV. This is a natural, but rare mutation."

“这个案例之所以特殊,有几个原因:首先,我们的参与者是一名美国混血感染艾滋病毒的女性,她需要进行干细胞移植来治疗她的白血病,”她继续说道,“而且她会发现更难找到基因匹配和具有 HIV 抗性突变的基因匹配来治愈她的癌症和潜在的 HIV病毒。这是一种自然但罕见的突变。”

Despite the success of the woman's case, researchers caution that the treatment used to cure her HIV is not a widely applicable method.


Dr. Anthony Fauci told Community Health Center, "I don't want people to think that now this is something that can be applied to the 36 million people [globally] who are living with HIV. "

安东尼·福奇(Anthony Fauci) 博士告诉社区健康中心:“我并不希望人们认为现在这可以将这种治疗方法应用于全球3600万艾滋病毒感染者”。

Fauci added, "This person had an underlying disease that required a stem cell transplant. ... It is not practical to think that this is something that's going to be widely available. It's more of a proof of concept."






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华商报新闻记者 李婧。




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